This inventory is designed to ascertain your approach to entrepreneurship. Eighteen sets of four words are listed horizontally below.

In each horizontal set assign a 4 to the word which best characterizes your approach to the world, a 3 to the word which next best characterizes your approach to the world, a 2 to the next characteristic word, and a 1 to the word which is least characteristic of your approach to the world.
Be sure to assign a different number to each of the four words in each horizontal set. Do not make ties.

an example

1.  Emotional

 Inventing  Rational  Constructing
2. Shy

 Boastful  Driven  Thoughtful
3. Inspiring

 Researching  Meticulous  Carrying Out
4. Enthusiastic

 Questioning  Conscientious  Confident
5. Pleasant

 Rancorous  Jumpy  Spiritual
6. Idealistic

 Searching  Realistic  Decisive
7. Philosophical

 Discovering  Practical  Developing
8. Loud

 Excitable  Charming  Dissenting
9. Imaginative

 Designing  Logical  Completing
10. Intuitive

 Knowledge Seeking  Calculated  Profit Seeking
11. Messy

 Convincing  Organized  Introspective
12. Outspoken

 Inquiring  Careful  Executing
13. Poetic

 Researching  Pragmatic  Doing
14. Fiery

 Analytical  Judicious  Action-Oriented
15. Proud

 Careful  Fast  Direct
16. Dramatic

 Exploring  Empirical  Conquering
17. Demonstrative

 Victorious  Level-Headed  Peaceful
18. Gung Ho

 Studious  Methodical  Decisive

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