Dr. Michael Goldsby provides a wide range of services focused on entrepreneurship, design, innovation, and creativity.  His services are based in creative problem solving and concept development.  He is skilled in defining problems, formulating innovative solutions, and developing action plans that bring results.  All his services are derivative of this methodology, and can be applied at the individual, organizational, or community levels.

Speaking Engagements

Mike has been a keynote speaker to corporations, universities, and community groups.  His frequent speaking topics include building innovative companies, creating products and services that customers love, and defining problems in new ways that lead to better solutions.  He can also tailor a speech to the needs of the group he is speaking to.


Mike is a Level III certified trainer and Professional Innovation Advisor of the acclaimed Basadur Simplexity Thinking process.  The process trains teams and organizations to solve problems in creative ways.  He also provides workshops on design and new product and service development.

Strategic Planning

Mike has a Ph.D. in strategic management.  He has taught many strategic management classes, as well as facilitating strategic planning sessions for companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  He has also helped American states, Canadian provinces, and communities formulate their economic development plans.  He brings a wide range of constituencies together to analyze the organization’s current situation and facilitates the group to a strategy based on their input.  The strategy can focus on long term planning, market entry, branding, or operations.  He can flex his process to meet the needs of the client.  A pre-consult can help define the objectives of the session.

New Product and Service Design

Mike teaches new product and service design at the undergraduate and graduate university levels.  His current research is focused on innovative ways to develop new product and service concepts.  He has tools and processes for assisting companies in coming up with their next big idea.  One session is often enough to develop a concept and brand for a new product or service.


Mike is available for coaching clients in creating career plans.  Utilizing methods similar to those he uses with companies, he can guide you in figuring out what your next life and career goals are.  He can also assist you in solving problems that you’re having a hard time addressing.

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