What I’m Reading: Thrive by Brendan Brazier

As a scholar and enthusiast of creativity and performance, I read A LOT of books.  So when I’m giving a talk somewhere or I meet with a successful person, they often ask me what book I’m reading.  In these blogposts, I’ll provide you some books I pass along to this crowd. There are a few […]

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Pizza with Experts: Divakar Dev Singh (Engineer and Commercial Banker)

In the Pizza with Experts posts, I’ll be sharing with you advice gleaned from guests to my classes.  The title comes from the fact that when I have guest speakers in my class, we celebrate the occasion by having pizza.  The students love it.  We get great turnouts for the events, and I think the […]

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Welcome to Team Goldsby

Welcome to TeamGoldsby.com.  This blog will focus on the topics that captivate me.  Entrepreneurship.  Creativity.  Innovation.  Design.  Concept development.  Problem solving.  Simply put: I’m fascinated by how people come up with new ideas and bring them into the world.  It amazes me that something somebody comes up with in his or her head can be […]

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